Performance Tables

Early Years Foundation Stage

Our experienced and dedicated team within our Foundation Unit provide all children with the best possible start to school life. Early assessments called ‘Baselines’ are made during the first few weeks of your child joining us at Potton Lower School. This is completed through a series of observations to ensure that we can provide the best possible education for your child, and enable us to support and challenge where required.

At the end of the year, your child will be assessed in the different areas of learning. Children are deemed to have achieved a ‘Good Level of Development’ if they have achieved the Early Learning Goals in the EYFS curriculum areas of Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language Development, Literacy and Mathematics. We complete assessments through our own in-house observations of your child, providing them with a range of opportunities and learning choices. Children flourish during their first year at Potton Lower School, exceeding other children locally and nationally.

Key Stage 1

Through a combination of outstanding teaching, an engaging curriculum and excellent resources, children achieve highly in our end of Key Stage One Assessments.

The chart below demonstrates how we strive for success for all of our pupils, with many children exceeding the age related expected standard. ‘Expected Standard’ is achieved by children who demonstrate the skills required for their current year band. ‘Greater Depth’ is achieved by children who demonstrate skill beyond that of their current year band. Our dedicated staff intervene when required to ensure that our pupils who are ‘working towards expected standard’, close the gap with their peers.

Our children exceed both local and national data year on year. We are extremely proud of their achievements.

Early Years and Foundation Stage and End of KS1 Data


Performance Comparison Tables