Voice and Values Committee

Voice and Values Committee

In 2018 the School Council and Values Committee amalgamated to become what is now known as “The Voice and Values” Committee.

The committee is made up of two children in from every class, one boy and one girl who are voted in fairly by their classmates. Their job is to attend meetings that are held twice a month to discuss how we can implement and promote our values across the school.

The Voice and Values Committee discuss ways to improve the school by listening to suggestions from their classmates as well as holding different events throughout the school year to raise money for different charities, both locally and nationally.

Our vision is

  • To make sure everyone is aware of the Voice and Values Committee.
  • To make the school a better place and to look after school property.
  • To raise money for different charities, thinking about others who are less fortunate.
  • To help people feel comfortable, especially if they are new to our school.
  • To make the children’s voice heard in school.
  • To raise standards in school by promoting a school ethos, underpinned by core values.

Some of the charities we hope to support this year are:

  • Jeans for Genes
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • The Royal British Legion
  • Children in Need
  • Sport Relief

The Voice and Values Committee support the adults in school to develop understanding and development of core values that help children become reflective in their learning and to help create a calm, caring, happy purposeful atmosphere.  The Voice and Values Committee take twelve core values (one each month on a two year rolling cycle) and promote them across the school for children to gain an understanding of each value and implement them into their school and home life.

The Values we will be exploring this school year (2021/2022) are:

  • Month Value
    September Unity

    The value of unity couldn’t be more suited to September, when new classes form, and our pupils settle back into school life. During the month, we think about the importance of working together as a team and about how we can help and support each other in our classes, and in our school as a whole. Creating unity within a class helps our pupils to feel valued as part of a team and can create happiness within in the class.

    October Respect

    This is a value that is at the core of everything we do in school. It underpins learning through behaviour and one’s attitude to the people and the world around them. We want our whole school community to respect each other. One of the most important things we can teach our children and each other is respect. The best way to teach respect is to show respect. When a child experiences respect, they know what it feels like and begin to understand how important it is.

    November Responsibility

    Learning to take responsibility for oneself, one’s learning and one’s actions is an important part of growing up and in the month of November we teach the children how to do this. We will consider the things we should take responsibility for and encourage them to do this. We help our pupils understand what it means to be responsible and how they can demonstrate this at school and in other areas of their lives.

    December Caring

    Our school is filled with caring and kind children and in the month leading up to Christmas we celebrate and encourage caring actions. Not only do we discuss how to show caring towards our friends, family and within our school, but we think about how we can extend caring actions more widely into the community, especially Christmas time!

    January Happiness

    Happiness is such an important value and something we strive and ensure our children are each and every day. During this month we discuss all the things in our lives that bring us happiness and also think about the different ways we can bring happiness to the people around us. Happiness can come from the smallest things in our lives and during this month we will be thinking about how we can spread a little bit of happiness to everyone in our school.

    February Trust and honesty

    During this month we focus on the importance of always telling the truth. Being honest and truthful at all time is such an imperative value for our children and one that is at the heart of our school rules. We always encourage honesty in all situations and even if something has gone wrong we always explain how being honest is the right thing to do.

    March Thoughtfulness

    Thoughtfulness – having the consideration for the needs of other people. Throughout this month we will think of how we can think of others feelings and how our actions can impact other people. We discuss how lots of other values can overlap with thoughtfulness, e.g. being patient and listening to our friends and adults in our lives, being kind to everybody and respecting other people’s views even if they differ from our own.

    April Patience

    Patience, a word used lots during the school day. Whether this is being patient and waiting your turn to use something that another person is using, showing patience towards our teachers when they are teaching and also being patient to understand that some people complete activities at different times. During this month we will explore the times when it is important to be patient and how we can show this each and every day.

    May Kindness

    Kindness is being friendly, generous, and considerate to others and yourself. Kindness runs through all of our school rules and a value we instil in our pupils from day one of their school journey. We talk about being kind to our friends, kind to our families, using kind words and being kind to our teachers as well showing kindness and appreciation to the important people in our lives who help us such as our NHS heroes.

    June Friendship

    Friendship is explored constantly in all areas of school life. Children (and adults) are at their happiest and most confident when amongst friends. Unhappy times at school are usually as a result of children having minor ‘fall outs’ or disagreements with each other. Staff are sensitive in dealing with these issues and children are very clear about what makes a good friend.

    July Appreciation

    The end of the academic year is a perfect time to show others your appreciation. It’s time to acknowledge how hard others have worked and that we want the best for them. Taking the time to say ‘thank you’. Thinking about manners and being polite to others. Taking the time to listen.

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