Voice and Values Committee

Voice and Values Committee

In 2018 the School Council and Values Committee amalgamated to become what is now known as “The Voice and Values” Committee.

The committee is made up of two children in from every class, one boy and one girl who are voted in fairly by their classmates. Their job is to attend meetings that are held twice a month to discuss how we can implement and promote our values across the school.

The Voice and Values Committee discuss ways to improve the school by listening to suggestions from their classmates as well as holding different events throughout the school year to raise money for different charities, both locally and nationally.

Our vision is

  • To make sure everyone is aware of the Voice and Values Committee.
  • To make the school a better place and to look after school property.
  • To raise money for different charities, thinking about others who are less fortunate.
  • To help people feel comfortable, especially if they are new to our school.
  • To make the children’s voice heard in school.
  • To raise standards in school by promoting a school ethos, underpinned by core values.

Some of the charities we hope to support this year are:

  • Jeans for Genes
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • The Royal British Legion
  • Children in Need
  • Sport Relief

The Voice and Values Committee support the adults in school to develop understanding and development of core values that help children become reflective in their learning and to help create a calm, caring, happy purposeful atmosphere.  The Voice and Values Committee take twelve core values (one each month on a two year rolling cycle) and promote them across the school for children to gain an understanding of each value and implement them into their school and home life.

The Values we will be exploring this school year (2020/2021) are:

  • September – Positivity
  • October – Respect
  • November – Peace
  • December – Love and Forgiveness
  • January – Hope
  • February – Perseverance
  • March – Co-operation
  • April – Courage
  • May – Tolerance and Understanding
  • June – Friendship
  • July – Appreciation

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