School Council

We are this year’s Potton Lower School Council. There are 2 representatives from each class, one girl and one boy who are elected by their class mates each year.

We meet twice a month to discuss ways to improve the school and to think of ways to raise money for Charities and the school.

Our vision is:

  • To make sure everyone knows about the School Council
  • To make the school a better place and look after the School property
  • To raise money for different charities, thinking about others who are not as lucky as us.
  • To help more people feel comfortable in the School, especially anyone new.
  • To be the voice of all the children in the school.

We have suggestion boxes in each class so we can bring ideas to the Council meeting from our class, to be discussed. We have elected a Chair, Secretary and 2 Treasurers. We have an agenda for each meeting and take minutes of what we discuss. We then have action points to follow up. We feedback to our classes after every meeting so they know what is going on.

Last year we raised money for:

  • Macmillan – £278.75
  • Poppy Appeal – £200
  • Children in Need – £415.98
  • Sports Relief – £977.30

We work with the PTA to give them ideas for things that they could help us raise money for. We help put playground rules into place. We make posters to advertise events and we help in the organisation of fundraising events and occasionally we write articles for the School newsletter.