Eco Warriors

The Eco-Council is the action team and the driving force behind the schools Eco-Schools England work. The school was awarded green flag status by Eco-Schools England in 2014, and due to our ongoing work and commitment to ecological issues in the school and wider community, we were awarded our second green flag in June 2016. Children on the committee were elected by their peers to represent their class, their year groups and the whole school. They attend regular meetings and keep the rest of the school informed about decisions and involved in the projects that will take place.

To maintain our Green Flag Status the Eco council direct the school in nine environmental and sustainable topics set out by Eco-Schools England. There focus topic for the 2016/17 school year is Global Citizenship, which seeks to ensure that children consider how the environmental, social and economic impacts of the decisions they make on a daily basis, impact on the local and global community – in the future as well as in the present.

The school boasts a large Nature Garden in which each class has a raised vegetable bed to tend to. Produce is sown grown and sold from this site. In addition to this each class has a decorative flower box outside their classroom which encourages insect and birdlife to the school grounds. Our close links with the RSPB have allowed us to conduct a number of wildlife surveys and projects in the Nature garden also.

The Eco Councils work does not stop on the school grounds. In April 2016 the year 4 students worked in collaboration with the Potton Town Council and Keep Britain Tidy to conduct a litter pick over two site in the town. They were also fortunate enough to be invited to the Eco Hub and Turbine at Gamlingay to learn about sustainable energy sources.

By linking the Eco Councils work to the curriculum we have helped the whole school to get involved in the programme, raising their understanding and knowledge of sustainability. When environmental education is introduced in a creative way it enhances the way in which lessons are delivered and enriches pupil learning experiences.