Starting School

The Foundation Stage

Reception Class
Reception class is the introduction to life in school in which we provide a balance between teacher and child led activities. During this very exciting year for both children and parents, we aim to provide every child with an engaging learning experience and support them to take part in a wide variety of multi-sensory activities in both the inside and outdoor classrooms.

Our well-resourced, large classrooms and skilled Early Years professionals allow children to build on their experiences from Pre School and home, to reach their potential across the curriculum. We are able to provide an individualised learning experience for each child by planning each half termly topic around the children’s interests, wants and needs.

Our curriculum is enriched by many practical experiences such as gardening, woodwork, cooking, role play and physical play along with visitors and excursions. Each day, children also receive phonics, maths and reading sessions.

Parents are encouraged to play an active role in their child’s learning, over the course of the year and we will give you information and ideas of fun activities that you can do together at home.