Parent and Pupil Questionnaire Feedback

Spring Term 2020

Questionnaire Feedback

Thank you to everyone who completed our annual Parent Questionnaire at the start of the Spring Term. We are delighted by the responses and comments we received. It is good to see that the hard work that goes on at school has been recognised. We very much rely on this process as a way of evaluating the performance of our school for the last year and have identified strengths along with aspects that we will continue to work together to develop. We feel that it is important that the responses are fed back to you as parents, to keep you informed. We also thought that it was important to share the responses from our Pupil Questionnaire too. You will hopefully see how these have been used in focusing our future developments for the year ahead.

Questionnaire Feedback to parents 2020


Parent Questionnaire

97% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child is happy at this school
98% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child feels safe and well looked after at school
Over 97% of parents agreed and strongly agreed that their child is taught well
Over 98% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that they find the updates through ParentMail, Class Dojo, our Newsletter and the Friday Bulletin useful
95% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that they would recommend our school to another parent.

Pupil Questionnaire

97% of pupils say their teachers help them to do their best
Over 94% of pupils enjoy their learning and feel that they are challenged.
Over 95% of pupils believe school looks after their physical, emotional and mental health
99% of pupils say school encourages them to be independent and to take on responsibilities
99% of pupils say our school encourages them to respect people from other backgrounds and to treat everyone equally

Future Developments

  • Provide more information on the progress your child is making across a variety of subject areas
  • Keep parents informed when supporting children with regards to alleged incidents of bullying
  • Increase the variety of after school clubs available