Cathy Smart – Executive Headteacher
Laura Willcocks – Deputy Headteacher
Rachel Dean – Inclusion Manager                                                                                               
Christine Dunne  SENDCo                                                                                                          
Charlotte Coppenhall – Head of Foundation & Key Stage 1                                                       
Philip Adams – Head of Lower Key Stage 2
Duane Brooks – Head of Upper Key Stage 2
Jose Gomes – Head of Key Stage 3
Andy Bick – Head of English
Pete Griffiths– Head of Maths
Pauline Norris – Finance & Business Manager

Class Teachers:
Miss Charlotte Coppenhall (SLT) Head of EYFS & KS 1 – Foundation Stage
Miss Emma Clarke – Foundation Stage
Mr Lewis Wimbleton – KS1
Miss Jessie Fordham – KS1
Mr Thomas Hodgson – KS1
Mrs Kate Sefton – KS1
Miss Katie Bagnall – KS2                                                                                                                         
Miss Rachel Coppenhall  – KS2
Mrs Clare Boston – KS2
Mr Phillip Adams – (SLT) Head of Lower Key Stage 2 – KS2

Mrs Deborah Harris 
Mrs Kirsty Darlow 3 days per week
Mrs Rachel Lewis

Support Staff:                                                                                                                                           
Mrs Vicky Phillips – Office Manager
Mrs Helen Cox – School Secretary                                                                                                         
Mrs Andrea Hutchison – PA to Executive Headteacher